Tunis Carthage, Old medina, Sidi Bou Said & Bardo

TUNIS CARTHAGE: The archeological site of Carthage consists of baths, located on the seafront, and gardens containing vestiges dating back to various times of antiquity.
SIDI BOU SAID: People all around the world say that it looks like MAYKANOS because of it’s Picturesque theme that enchants with the magic of its colors (white and blue) its streets of bougainvillea and the beauty of its traditional architecture.
Sidi Bou Said became then a place of rest and inspiration to many artists, musicians, and writers.

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The great Island of the Tunisian South and Zarzis, its neighbor on the mainland, are one of the most marvelous holiday destinations in the Mediterranean. Djerba is also a traditional land and an gateway to the nearby Sahara .
Djerba is known of it’s fine sandy beaches fringed with palm trees along with multiple entertaining activities , its seas in multiple shades of turquoise, its serene landscapes and its colorful sunsets.

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There’s something uniquely beautiful about the vastness of the desert that you can only experience through visiting it. Whether it’s the sand dunes near Douz or Ksar Ghilane, the huge date palm oasis of Tozeur, or the rugged hills of Tatouine, the beauty of the Sahara desert in Tunisia’s south is stunning. When I travel to the south it seems like I can never take enough pictures because there’s so much to capture.

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Kairouan is known by the name the city of the carpet. The medina of Kairouan is today inextricably linked to the carpet. It is the leader of crafts.The story goes to t the 19th century where the daughter of an Ottoman governor would have been the first, in Kairouan the carpets in Kairouan have more in common with Oriental carpets. It can be determined through its central medallion surrounded by a garden of flowers and a frame of parallel bands. The most classic have a dominant crimson red, or alternatively the natural white and brown colours of sheep’s wool.

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