Friguia Park

Friguia Park Friguia Parc is a Tunisian zoological park located on the Mediterranean coast, near the Gulf of Hammamet, near the town of Bouficha. Opened on November 11, 2000, it covers an area of 36 hectares and has about 400 animals and 62 species in large enclosures. It includes the only dolphinarium in the country. …

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MATMATA IS A small town in southern Tunisia, Matmata is best known for its troglodytes, underground constructions that shelter the local Berber population. Matmata has one of Tunisia’s most unusual village landscapes: it’s a place of underground homes burrowed into the rock. Tataouine : IT is known as the gate of the desert the city …

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Dougga & Zaghouan

-Visit the Archeological site of Dougga wich Is located l in the northwestern region of Tunisia , it is undoubtedly the most prestigious archaeological site of Tunisia Visit the water temple in zaghouan


VISIT THE The  russian Orthodox Church and Mrs. Anastasia cherinskaia Museum . visit the  russian cemetery of Bizerte