IS A small town in southern Tunisia, Matmata is best known for its troglodytes, underground constructions that shelter the local Berber population.

Matmata has one of Tunisia’s most unusual village landscapes: it’s a place of underground homes burrowed into the rock.


  • Tataouine :

IT is known as the gate of the desert the city is especially famous for the multitude of ksour(castles)  which surround it and go back to the xve or xvie century.

Ksar Ouled Soltane Ksar Hadada – Ksar Ouled Debba

  • Douz:

It  is the country of the Bedouins. During Antiquity, Douz was the most important oasis of the area known for its palm grove but especially for being the Gate of the Sahara.

it is here, in Douz, that the Grand Erg Oriental begins with its ocher dunes of fine sand.

Leave behind palms loaded with dates, the brackish waters of Chott el Jerid and the pink mountains of Jebel Tebaga.

 you can watch the sun go down behind the golden dunes .